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How to sell your all scrap online

Kabadiiwala is a kind of platform by which you can sell all your scrap items of your home online.

You can sell your scrap through our website call or WhatsApp at your convenient date and time. a pre-defined rate list available on our website, All weighing will be done through a digital weight machine. Payments will be made to you through a mobile wallet or cash.

Our kabadiiwala team members(KTM) will come a on given date and time to your doorstep and provide the best rate for your scrap.

We have earned a reputation through our hard work, dedication and friendly nature kabadiiwala.com is the fastest growing startup a scrap-based company located in Delhi (NCR).

The aim of our business is not only profit earning. Rather it is to help such people whom no one helps. The region donates 70% profit to those who need it.

You can also donate your scrap to us. We help people and animals in many ways such as. Provide Clothes, food, education purpose, medical, etc.

Why you should choose kabadiiwala?

1. Free doorstep service provider.

Our kabadiiwala team members will come to your home and collect all your junk scrap and we do not take any charge for it. It’s fully free of cost

2. Pickup Scheduled.

You can visit our website, WhatsApp, or by calling and book a pickup schedule after that Our kabadiiwala team members come On your given scheduled date and time. And pick your all scrap.

3. Provide the best rate.

The rate list is mentioned on our website. We buy scrap from thousands of people. We guarantee that we will give you the Best Rate for your scrap.

4. Accurate Weight

Our Kabadiiwala Team members are always using digital weight machines to give complete assurance on accurate weight. we ensured the weight machine will take the right weight.

5. Trust

All Kabadiwala team members (KTM) are fully verified by our company If you still have any doubts or trouble then you can call our support team contact no. 85 888997 85

6. E-bill

After buying all your scrap The E-bill will be sent to your WhatsApp on behalf of our team. There will be a mention in E-bill that which junk was bought? which cost? total?


If you want sell your all scrap easily online, contact kabadiiwala.com. We have many experienced people related to this work who give their best service to the clients.

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